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Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

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Born in France in 1951, met the Unification Movement in 1976, spent three years in the USA until 79. Attended the Holy Blessing Ceremony of Marriage in Korea, in 1982, with Hiroko from Japan. Lived and worked in Taiwan thirteen years (1981-94). Now living in Brazil since 1998.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Brazil preparing leaders to restaure all nations

Our Heavenly Parent is preparing a great harvest in Brazil:

One of the fastest growing cell churches in the world is located in northern Brazil and called Igreja de Paz (pastor Abe Huber). This church asks each cell member to form micro “one-on-one” groups that meet weekly and statistically report on their micro meetings. This church’s strategy is called MDA, and it stands for Micro Discipleship Accountability groups. 

Historical background of the Small Groups Providence

David Yonggi Cho is the pioneer of the “Cell Movement”, he is the Senior Pastor and founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), the world's largest congregation with a claimed membership of 1,000,000 (as of 2007). In 1965, realizing that the work of leading a large congregation was too much for one person, Cho divided the city of Seoul into twenty zones, or "cells," as he called them, and began training leaders for each cell, who would hold services for worship and Bible study in their homes during the week.

Dr RALPH W. NEIGHBOUR, JR, chairs a Doctor of Ministries Cell Church major for Golden Gate Theological Seminary ,in 1969 and began to search for the "Last Days" expression of the church. He established a relationship with David Yonggi Cho in 1971 and served on his Church Growth board for over 20 years. He formed the TOUCH Outreach Ministries, which has served the global cell church movement for 50 years. His many books and cell equipping tools are available in South Africa, China, Brazil, Korea, Switzerland, Philippines, Russia, Mainland China, etc. 

Pr César Castellanos, developed the G12 strategy after visiting with Pastor David Yonggi Cho in 1983. which is based upon the mentoring of 12 disciples similar in method to Jesus.

In Brazil, the most successful model has been developed by Pr Abe Huber . 

Where the practice of the cell meeting, once a week, in Home Churches is combined with the “one on one” discipleship meeting for all members, old and new, also once a week and the weekly Sunday Service practice. All together, each member should attend at least three meetings. Beside these, all the cell leaders have a meeting and training every Tuesday night at the main church. ; 

Pr Abe studied and research for 10 years the David Yonggi Cho model among others, to figure out how to apply and adapt to the Brazilian reality. Documentário: A Igreja da Paz Fortaleza 


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