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Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

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Born in France in 1951, met the Unification Movement in 1976, spent three years in the USA until 79. Attended the Holy Blessing Ceremony of Marriage in Korea, in 1982, with Hiroko from Japan. Lived and worked in Taiwan thirteen years (1981-94). Now living in Brazil since 1998.

Monday, December 25, 2006


From the left Christian, with Dr Hedio in the middle and Muslims representatives at the 1st Inter-religious Forum organized by the
Secretary of Justice of Sao Paulo

Father Moon give the bouquet of flowers and is reaching Bishop Edson´s hands after the speech in Sao Paulo

From the left, Iremar Possamai – UPF Brazilia, Salette Aquino – URI Campinas, Clay Peixoto – World Council of Churches ex-Executive Secretary, URI Campinas member, Father Harold – Drug Prevention Movement, Andre Porto – URI Latin America, Elianildo Nascimento – WSF Coordinator, Christian Lepelletier – UPF Brazil.

Iremar and Sonia Possamai wearing the holy robe, in the middle

the only religious leader couple at the Inter-religious ceremony.

Ecumenic Temple "Legiao da Boa Vontade" (LBV)
in Brazilia


Hiroko and I were assigned to Brazil, to work as foreign missionaries, after attending the 40 days training workshop in Cheong Pyung in Korea at the end of 1996. I made two trips from France, my home country, to prepare the way and make the leap of faith, to move our family with our two children in 1998 and stay in the country as permanent residents. Just to obtain the official resident card for my wife and children took almost five years of perseverence and adventure; it would be an interesting topic to share. But to-day, I would like to share from my observation, how God and the Spirit World has been working and preparing, and continue transforming this great blessed land of Brazil for a spiritual mission for the world.

In 1883, Dom Bosco, an Italian priest had a prophetic dream about a new promissed land located in the area of the crossing of the meridian treaty of Torsedilhas and the region of the fifteenth parallel, that is where Brazilia was built. The “Mystical Nature” NGO “ORNAM” created “A Mystical Road for the Center of the World” called the “Way of Dom Bosco.”[1] Passing through Goiania, Brazilia and Palmas, one can feel the “spiritual call” a rich mixture of cultures, beliefs, rituals, sanctuaries and religious procession. They are more than 600 religious groups in the Brazilia region.

Paiva Netto, leader of the Legion of Good Will (LBV) opened the Ecumenical Temple in 1989 and the World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity in 1994 in Brasilia. The most visited monument of the capital, already more than 15 millions since the opening, the doors never closed since the inauguration 17 years ago, day and night pilgrims and visitors of all races and credos are welcome. The Temple is a seven sides pyramide shape 21m high, on top there is the largest natural pure crystal of the world that was found with the help of the spirit world. Inside there is God’s throne and altar on of top of seven steps.[2]

Legion of Good WillAlziro Zarur, founder of the LBV, received his mission from Saint Francis of Assisi during a meeting at the Brazilian Spirit Federation in Rio, to establish one charity institution, he was a radio speaker for the program “The hour of good will” at the Globo in 1949. After receiving confirmation from Xico Xavier, he announced in his radio program the creation of the “Legion of Good Will.”

The LBV opened his UN office in 1993 and in 1999 received the general consultative status in the Economic and Social Council. This year they presented the report, on behalf of the Latin America Continent representing 400 NGO, from the Civil Society on employment and sustainable development.

[1] See the link the Way of Dom Bosco:
[2] See the link LBV:

The First World Spiritual Forum

The First World Spiritual Forum (WSF)[1] that happened in Brazilia from december 6 to 10 was for me the chance to visit the capital of Brazil for the first time in my life, even though I have been living in Brazil for 8 years mostly in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It happened exactly on the day that the two American Ministers came for the IV World Peace Tour in Sao Paulo.

More than 50 organizations worked together to produce the first World Spiritual Forum (WFS) in Brazilia, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) participation in this forum was the result of continuous participation of a very few of our dedicated members, who understand the impoprtance of the Interfaith work that we did in Rio de Janeiro, when I was living there from 2000 to 2003, and then in the Sao Paulo until now.

The FORUM was organized by the Planetary Union (UP), the United Religion Iniciative (URI) and the Peace University (UNIPAZ) and took place in the Convention Center of the Brazilian Capital. More than 5000 people came for this historical gathering demonstrating the growing interest about spirituality.

A Five days Conference, more than eighty speakers and entertainment in the main auditorium, an exhibition hall and six rooms annexes presenting ceremonies, rituals, videos and lectures. Each day started from eight in the morning until ten thirty in the evening, everything was broadcast live for the MAIS TV channel.

Representing UPF, I prepared a lecture on the “Responsibility of the Religions to establish a World of Peace” based on the five Principles of Peace used worldwide by the Peace Ambassadors and the UPF network. Including the proposal to establish the National Inter-religious Council of Brazil.

The high point was the presentation of Leonardo Boff, internationally known for his liberation theology, he taught about the five important virtues for a better world and the debate about the “Dialogue between the religions for World Peace.” Many different religious traditions came to the Forum that offered a very great opportunity to promote interfaith harmony. It was a great historical step forward for Brazil and mankind, more and more the world is recognizing that the human effort alone is not sufficient to solve the problems facing mankind; God wants to participate through the spiritual leaders and people of conscience.

[1] See the link FEM:

The New Concience MovementThe idea of the WSF came on the foundation of the New Conscience Movement.
Every year when the entire country glorify the body during the Carnaval[1] more than 30,000 people gather in Campina Grande, a small town in the North-East State of Paraiba, due to the iniciative of the city mayor who has been promoting this meeting, since 1992, for religious leaders, thinkers, artists and followers of all kind of alternatives beliefs searching to feed the soul and the spirit and escape the madness of the Carnaval.

The First Catholic CountryBrazil is still the first catholic country in the world with around 80% of the population of 180 millions declaring themselves catholic at the last national census. But during the last three decades, 15 millions members left the mother church, among them 72% migrated to the evangelical churches.

On the 12th of October of 1999, the day of Nossa Senhora (Our Lady) Aparecida, which is a national holiday, 160 thousand faithful gathered in the Maracana Stadium of Rio de Janeiro to see the great catholic stars like Father Marcelo Rossi e Roberto Carlos. At the same time in the city of Aparecida in the State of Sao Paulo 167 thousand were gathered at the national Basilica.
Father Marcelo, superstar sold more than 3, 7 million of his first CD, “Musics to praise the Lord”, knows how to comunicate with the soul of the Brazilian religiosity, took the mission to popularize the Church. He is part of the charismatic priest singers movement trying to bring back the crowd to attend the mass.

He established the new Terço Bizantino Sanctuary, in the south district of Sao Paulo, from an old factory site that can acomodate 20 000 people, on sundays, Father Marcelo´s Mass is broadcast on the Globo International network in more than 40 countries for the American, Africain and European continents.
He has a daily radio program on the Globo Network, recently, Father Marcelo produced the film Maria, Mother of the son of God, directed by Moacyr Góes.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic ChurchBishop Dom Carlos Costa, founded the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) in 1945, after being excommunicated by the Vatican, following his political and administrative courageous decisions in favor of the humble population. He was a pioneer in ecumenism and a great reformer; he abolished the compulsory celibate for the priests.

We met Bishop Dom Edson da Siva, (ICAB) Administrative Secretary through the URI meeting in Brazilia, he accepted the invitation to attend the First World Peace Tour and UPF Inaugural Speech in Sao Paulo and was very impressed with Rev Moon, he was sitting at the front row and listened to True Father that spoke two hours more than the normal speech.

Bishop Edson attended the UPF Conference in Seoul and the Coronation Ceremony at the Cheon Jeong Peace Palace last June. He was invited to be a member of the UPF Global Council. He was scheduled to speak at the Spiritual Forum in Brazilia, but another providence called him to travel to New-York to attend the Blessing Ceremony for the married priests that happened at the same time. He took along with him two elders top leaders of the ICAB to meet Archbishop Milingo.

[1] Carne means meat or flesh; carnaval can be interpreted as the festival of the body.

The great Evangelical NationSpreading among all classes of the society, the followers of the evangelical movement are reaching inflence in the cultural, political and economical fields of the Brazil. Since the last few decades the growth of the Pentecostal movement has been impressive, from a few per cents, now the statistics are reaching around 15% of the population ou 26 millions are attending the 150,000 churches, of all types of denominations, scattered around the country.

The march for Jesus, is growing every year in Sao Paulo, up to 3 millions of believers for the last one, is organized by the neo-pentecostal movement, they are walking and wearing T-shirts with messages of Jesus, singing and praising the Lord, following huge sound trucks, transporting Gospel bands and their stars.

Some temples are so huge, like a Shopping Center, for example the church ``God is Love`` in the center of Sao Paulo has a space for 20 000 people, is opened 24 hours.

The “Universal Church of the Kingdom of God” founded by the Bishop Edir Macedo in 1975, could build a huge communication empire with 62 broadcasting radio stations, the third TV channel of the country, the Record Network, a weekly newspaper, the Folha Universal, which has a distribution of 1 million. They elected 16 federal deputies in 2002.

Brazil is the world leader in the production and distribution of Bibles, according to Pastor Eneas Tognini, president of the Biblical Society of Brazil, 4 millions are produced for the local market and 5 millions are exported in many languages for 50 countries.

The evangelical market generates around 230 millions dollars by year and employs 1 million persons. The Christian’s Consumers International Fair and Exposition occupies 120 stands and attracts 60 thousands visitors and buyers of bibles, CDs, DVDs, books, Tshirts and other evangelical products. There are 470 evangelical radios broadcast stations and 120 recording studios.

Brazil is sending 3 thousands missionaries to the world, some of them are using the football, setting up training schools for young the people: ``Preaching the Gospel holding the Bible in one hand with a ball at the foot.`` A strategy that is giving good results in Russia.

The Greatest Nation of Spiritism in the WorldThe roots of the movement are in France, when Leon Denizard Rivail, a French intellectual, known as Allan Kardec, published the Book of the Spirits in 1857. But it is in Brazil that the movement found a fertile land to expand. The greatest known medium, Chico Xavier, from Minas Gerais, is the main force who contributed to expand the number of followers to an estimated 3 millions, even though he already passed into the Spirit World in 2002. Many more people confessing another religion visit the “Spirit Centers”, they are 10 thousand of them in the country, and are conciliating the two beliefs. Chico Xavier psychographied, spiritual dictation, more than 400 books, and attended many thousand people in need of healing.
The followers of the spirit doctrine are respected for practising charity, doing volunteer work feeding the poor and taking care of the sick. Their main teaching is based on the practice of love as a way for spiritual growth until reaching the perfection.
Some mediums are intruments to spiritual surgeons to perform spiritual surgery. Some group of mediums realized materialization of objects. There is one painting that Picasso delivered from the spirit world exposed in LGW Temple in Brazilia.

Paradise on Eartha) The Theosophical society built one “Paradise on Earth” at 60 km from Brazilia, in a remote, peaceful and natutal environment, ideal for meditation, inspiration and spiritual elevation. The beautiful criation, the variety of landscapes, flowers vegetation, the sounds of the nature, waterfall and the birds provide the ideal setting to feel the original criation of God.

b) Mokiti Okada founder of the Messianic Church in Japan, started to build prototypes of Paradise on Earth which are called Holy Grounds, with the conviction to establish the foundation for the Ideal World through the beauty of creation.
In Brazil, the prototype of the paradise was built, in 1991, on the side of the Guarapiranga artificial lake, in the south of Sao Paulo. The project was carefully designed to realize an ideal environment for meditation helping the visitors to elevate the human mind by tuning to the original and pure creation. To build and take care of this beautiful garden thousands of dedicated volunteers invest their time with love, sincerity and grateful heart.[1]

Proposal for an Inter-religious Council by the Secretary of Justice of Sao Paulo StateDr Hedio Silva, the first black to occupy the post of Secretary of Justice of Sao Paulo State initiated the First Paulista Inter-religious Forum for a Culture of Peace and Freedom of Belief, in October 2005. The Forum was the result of several meetings, initially with religious leaders representing the African religious traditions, and then other religions were invited into the dialogue. The purpose of these meetings was to protect the followers of African traditions against the attacks of some evangelicals extremists. Even though Brazil is considered to be a tolerant country open to all religions and races, there are still some cases of intolerance and discrimination.

Dr Hedio left the post of Secretary of Justice to run for the federal election and was replaced by Dr Eunice Prudente, a black woman, dedicated to the cause of freedom of belief and inter-religious harmony, she continued to promote the meetings and she called for the Second Inter-religious Forum that happened on November 7th. A resolution was written and a proposal of by-laws was submitted including the list of the Executive Council members that will hold the positions.

It was decided that beside the government and civil society representatives, 21 religious leaders will be part of the Council, thanks to Heavenly Father and the good spiritual world, I will be representing the UPF, my name was on the list that was published by the Secretary of Justice last December 20.

Jardim, the New EdenBrazil has been one of the most blessed country with the abundance and diversity of all things of the creation, lands, water, minerals, plants, vegetal, fruits, trees, insects, fishes, birds and animals, etc…
The Garden of Eden, or Paradise represents the Original Ideal World that God created with all the necessary things to satisfy the needs of mankind.
In the Old Testament the chosen people received the promise of Canaan, a fertile land with milk and honey.
Last week, I received a message from an Ambassador for Peace[2], which was inspired by the spiritual world saying: “The Promised Land; Canaan is really here the Homeland of the Gospel, the Heart of the World – Brazil. The Unification on all levels in this blessed land is the Great Plan of God for humanity!”

Beside the diversity of manifestations of the spirit world revealing the “Spiritual Mission of Brazil”, Father Moon started the construction of the New Eden, founded the Education Center for the Ideal Family, made four important declarations in Jardim and one in Sao Paulo[3] for the world, establish the Holy Ground in Jardim and the Pantanal region. Even though, there are still difficulties to develop substantially, the construction of the prototype of the ideal world in Jardim, will be realized for sure because it is recorded in the Heavenly Bible, Cheon Seong Gyeong, from page 1852 to 1867.

God’s Providence is moving forward in Brazil, which has an important mission to fulfill, that is to help reform Catholicism which is predominant in South America, to prepare the reconciliation with North America which is in his majority protestant ou evangelical. Then a Christian revival, with strong spiritual and moral values will empower the whole American Continent to influence and revive the old Europe that became secular and materialist.

ConclusionReflecting about the Spiritual Mission of Brazil, two aspects came to my mind, first the Brazilian people has a whole love God, embrace religions and have the gift of spiritual sensibility[4], all religions are welcome and find a fertile land in Brazil to develop freely in a mutual respect. Brazil can be a model of inter-religious harmony for the world.

Second, geographically, Brazil is blessed with abundant natural resources that can be share with the rest of world, Rev. Moon said, he wants to build a museum, in Jardim, to have every types of creation exhibited[5]. The abundant land can be used, developed respecting the nature and the environment and produce many types of foods for the nations of the world that don’t have sufficiently. The Jardim Project will be both, a model of human development, based on the Character Education and Family Values and a model of economic development based on sustainability and the respect of the environment.

[1] See the pictures of the paradise on this link:

[2] Marlene Ferreira, Psychologist, opened a NGO in her own house, giving free consultations and courses to serve the community.
[3] See Cheon Seong Gyeong pag. 1597
[4] The dead don’t die; the communication with the ancestors or angels is frequent, especially in the indigene and African culture.
[5] CSG pag. 1865


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