Christian Lepelletier

Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peace Conference in Brazilia

With the help of Federal Deputy Nelson Marquezelli, President of the Labor, Administration and Public Service Commission in the Brazilan Congress and Ambassador for Peace, The Universal Peace Federation in partnership the Brazil-Israel Friendship Christian Associação (Haverimbril) and the Parlementary Frente Brazil-Israel for Peace in the Holy Land organised a Peace Conference on the 28 of august.
The guests speakers were: Pastor Laurindo, President and founder of Haverimbril, Rev. Heung Tae Kim, FFWPU International Missionary, Deputy Talmir, President of the Parlementary Frente Brazil-Israel and Sheik Armando Saleh, World Peace Missionary, ex- President of the Muslim Associação.
Mr Simão Ferabolli, FFWPU presented a Powerpoint on the five Principles of Peace and the UPF Video, “A Giant Step for World Peace.”