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Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Chrismas,

Happy Day of the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Yeshua of Nazareth, the Messiah or Christ, revered as the saviour of mankind by more than two billion Christians. He left us the promise of his return in order to establish the Kingdom of Peace on Earth and in Heaven, to save all mankind, and to put an end to all the problems and evil in this world forever. Alleluia! Link

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Interfaith - UNILUX - Unification Temple

Interfaith - UNILUX - Unification Temple

UNILUX Interfaith Forum at the Unification Temple

The UNILUX interfaith group has been realizing interfaith dialogue events since 2002 and recently made a partnership with the Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

The 17th interfaith Forum took place at the Unification Temple in Sao Paulo, on Sunday November 27 with the theme Religion and World Peace.

Mr. Sidnei Carvalho, co-founder of the UNILUX, universalist, psychograph, TV speaker, coordinator of the event greeted the audience and invited the Unification Choir, directed by Mr Lukota, for the opening.

Sheikh Jihad Hassan Hammadesh, president of the Council of Ethics for the National Union of the Islamic organizations in Brazil and the World Association of Muslim Youth in Latin America (WAMY), represented the Islamic tradition for the first presentation.

Mr Alexandre Cumino, director of the newspaper “Umbanda Sagrada”, professor of Umbanda theology and director of the Spiritualist and Umbandista Association in the State of Sao Paulo (AUEESP) gave the second presentation [ ] representing the Umbanda tradition, a religion that started in Brazil, 103 years ago.

After a short break the gypsy group “Oracle do Sol’’ performed beautiful and colorful dances.

[ ]

Mr. Adão Nonato de Oliveira, co-founder of the UNILUX, lecturer, psychologist, therapist, radio and TV speaker, represented the tradition Spiritism for the third presentation. [ ] A religion that spread in Brazil based on the teaching of Allan Kardec, ou Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, originally from France.

For lunch, a vegetarian meal was prepared, delivered and served by the Hare Krishna group.

Mr. Guilherme Botelho Junior, theologian, professor of the Church history and liturgy, member of the Afro descendant Pastoral of the Sao Paulo Archdiocese, represented the Roman Catholic tradition for the fourth presentation. [ ]

Rabbi Michel Schlesinger member of the Board of the Paulista Israelite Congregation (CIP), professor of Bar Mitzvah, first Brazilian rabbi graduated from the Hebraic University of Jerusalem, represented Judaism for the fifth presentation. [ ]

Mr. Samuel Gomes de Lima, president of the Brazilian Association for the Religious Freedom and Citizenship (ABLIRC), professor and pastor of the Seven Day Adventist Church, represented Protestantism for the sixth presentation. [ ]

During the afternoon break the participants were invited by Mrs. Shellah Avellar, a metaphysical artist painter, to come at the back of the hall to put some paint on the canvas with the finger. Then she will conclude the painting according the instructions received from the spirit world and write down a psychographed message sent to her by a spirit messenger.

After the break, Indian classical dances performers came on the stage and created a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. [ ]

Mr. Sidnei invited the following religious leaders representing a religious denomination to come up on the stage for the forum of debates: Mr. More Ventura representing Judaism; Mrs. Monica from the Sukyo Maharikari; Mr. Guilherme Botelho from the Roman Catholic Church; Mr. Juberli Varela, Presidente of the Umbanda Organization of the State of Sao Paulo (SOUESP); Mr. Simao Ferabolli, president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Brazil representing Unificationism; Bishop Marcelo Resende from the Liberal Catholic Church; Father Ney Oliveira from the Vetero Catholic Church; Mahesvara Caithanya from the Hare Krishna Movement representing Hinduism; Professor Valdemar Setzer from the Anthroposophy; Pastor Samuel Lima representing Protestantism; Mr. Luis Gomes from the Seicho No Ie; Mr. Kazuya Nagashima from the Risho Kossei Kai representing Buddhism together his interpret; Mr. Adao Nonato from the Spiritism; Sheik Armando representing Islamism e Professor Alexandre Cumino from Umbanda. [ ]

Mr. Sidnei explained that he will accept only written questions and he will select only the topics that will benefit for the religious harmony and avoid controversial or critical question that may offend a religious representative. The first question that many guests were asking since they came for the first time in the temple was: What is the meaning of the huge golden Unification symbol which is on the back wall? That question was directly addressed to Mr. Ferabolli who was pleased to explain the signification of the Tong Il mark logo and briefly mentioned the Divine Principle explanation.

The next following questions for everyone who wished to answer were: What will happen in 2012? What is the relation between sin and violence? What is relation between family and peace?

Each representative gave his view on the topics, presenting diverse viewpoints mutually enriching and interesting, each participant felt inspired learning valuable content from each other. Mr. Ferabolli commented: ²It was the best Seminar on religions that ever participated in my life! The atmosphere was very good!²

Many participants felt delighted that they could learn and understand about each other religions from eminent speakers all in one place. We could feel the barriers and preconceptions breaking down and it is possible to build harmony between all religions. Mr. Ferabolli was so inspired for the participation of the religious leaders in this interfaith forum in the Unification temple that he decided to offer to each representative a copy of the Divine Principle book that everyone received with gratitude.

Mrs. Shellah Avellar showed the painting and read for everyone the message that she received from Ramatys, a member of the Universal Brotherhood in the spirit world, here is the conclusion: “Think of heroes, leaders, men and warriors, abandoning their weapons and artifacts, and running towards their opponents with a single thought: LOVE and PEACE! Mr. More Ventura, representative of the Judaism, was awarded and received the painting as a heavenly present.

To conclude, Mr. Sidnei asked everyone to embrace five persons before to leave as a gesture of unity and love between all religions.