Christian Lepelletier

Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Religious Freedom Serviço at the Seven Day Adventist Church

Archbishop Milingo, founder of the Married Priests Movement and Reverend Christian Lepelletier, General Secretary of the Federação para a Paz Universal were invited by Samuel Luz, President of the ABLIRC (Brazilian Association for the Religious Freedom) to participate at a thanksgiving Religious Service that was realized in the church of the UNASP (Seven Day Adventist University Campus) on november 9, 2007.

Among the various leaders who participated, Pr. Edson Rosa, gave the sermon, he is the responsible for the South America region. Dr. Alcides Coimbra, gave the report about the activities of the Adventist church did to promote the religious freedom. O Pr. Carlos Enoc Pollheim, director of the São Paulo Association of Religious Freedom and Communication. Pastor Almir de Oliveira, from the Paulistana Associação and Pr. Jefferson Castilho, from the Paulista do Vale mission. Dr. José Ricardo, from Santo André City Council. The former São Paulo State Secretary of Justice, Dr. Hédio Silva Jr. is helping to defend the Adventist members who are keeping the Saturday as a holiday, through Court case in the Supreme Federal Tribunal. More than 800 persons, many of them students, from all regions of Brazil, participated at the event and attended lectures of Dr. Wilson Endruveit, Theologian, ex-rector of the Latin América Teology Seminary.
The International Religious Liberty Association, (IRLA) was founded in 1893, by the Seven Day Adventists. The last World Congress was in South Africa. The professor Samuel Luz, is the national coordinator in Brazil.

Professor Euler Bahia, rector of the Adventist University Campus (Unasp) was pleased with the success of the event.

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