Christian Lepelletier

Christian and his wife Hiroko are serving as missionaries with the Unification Movement in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are working with the small groups ministry - cell - home church - inter-faith harmony, Culture of Peace and Family Values, they were blessed in Holy Marriage by the Rev. and Mrs Moon in 1982, Seoul, Korea. Their son and daughter in law are serving the youth ministry in Brazil and their daughter and son in law are serving the youth ministry in Los Angeles.

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Born in France in 1951, met the Unification Movement in 1976, spent three years in the USA until 79. Attended the Holy Blessing Ceremony of Marriage in Korea, in 1982, with Hiroko from Japan. Lived and worked in Taiwan thirteen years (1981-94). Now living in Brazil since 1998.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

"Seeds of Peace" Interfaith Band in Sao Paulo

From left: a jewish Rabi, Gilberto Ventura, vocalist; a catholic priest, Father Pedro Luiz, guitarist; a hindu Priest Mahesvara, vocalist; a buddhist Ricardo Camillo, drummer; a jewish violonist and an esoteric Diogo Lopes performing at the UNILUX Interfaith Forum in the Risho Kossei Kai Buddhist Temple